Let’s Dine in Nature’s Platter!

Infiltration of scientific and technological advancement in our daily life started impacting our health. Today, we are facing the aftereffect of our fast, modern way of life. During pre modern days, we used utensils made using nature friendly materials for serving food. But, today, as we entered modern age, we started chasing comfort and look of the utensils we use. So, this lead to the usage of dishes made using cheap, synthetic materials like plastic and polystyrene. Today, due to health related issues caused by these environmentally hazardous, synthetic materials, we are compelled to move towards our early, premodern days. We have realized that only way to move forward is to consume fruits of nature in its purest form without damaging our health as well as environment. Ultimately, this realization even paved way for extensive research and widespread manufacture of beautiful, eco-friendly dishes and utensils for serving food.


Our products are always available as per the customer requirement.Our products are strong and suits for all types of oily foods.


Our products are high in quality and low in cost.And also they are biodegradable and compostable


Our products are high in quality and low in cost.We also provides discounts and offers for customer satisfaction.


Manufacturing unit of Greenlife palm products is located at Pampakuda village of Moovatupuzha Taluk of Ernakulam district. Greenlife production unit functions 24 hours a day which facilitate fast and efficient supply of finished products. The modern machinery used at the manufacturing unit is advanced CNC (Computer Numerical Control) enabled. Apart from regular machinery, CNC molds are not made up of scrap based material. Scrap based molds can develop holes that can hold industrial waste, germs as well as dust that can make products unhygienic. Surface of CNC molds are easily cleaned and Greenlife take care of molds daily to ensure world class quality of the products. The products are shaped using high pressure, hydraulic equipment. At Greenlife, every product is manufactured with 100% perfection and hygiene at heart keeping up with international quality standards.


Greenlife palm products manufacture and distribute around thirty two products include plates, bowls, spoons, ice cream cups, pizza container, biriyani box and caps by maintaining world class quality and hygienic standards.

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