We, Greenlife Palm Products are manufacturers and exporters of natural areca leaf plates and utensils based in Cochin, Kerala. We are the pioneers in manufacturing disposable palm leaf plates. In today’s world, we serve as a beacon to lead our society towards an eco-friendly way of life. In 2017, Greenlife Palm Products took an initiative to establish and to promote a greener, cleaner and healthier ecosystem. We have started by bringing sustainable as well as eco-friendly alternative to plastic disposable plates. We currently supply our products with exemplary, invaluable feedback from leading event management and catering services in kerala. We have expanded our supply chain to major supermarkets, charitable and religious institutions as well.

Company infrastructure

Manufacturing unit of Greenlife palm products is located at Pampakuda village of Moovatupuzha Taluk of Ernakulam district. Greenlife production unit functions 24 hours a day which facilitate fast and efficient supply of finished products. The modern machinery used at the manufacturing unit is advanced CNC (Computer Numerical Control) enabled. Apart from regular machinery, CNC molds are not made up of scrap based material. Scrap based molds can develop holes that can hold industrial waste, germs as well as dust that can make products unhygienic. Surface of CNC molds are easily cleaned and Greenlife take care of molds daily to ensure world class quality of the products. The products are shaped using high pressure, hydraulic equipment. At Greenlife, every product is manufactured with 100% perfection and hygiene at heart keeping up with international quality standards.

Know our Products

Greenlife palm products manufacture and distribute around thirty two products include plates, bowls, spoons, ice cream cups, pizza container, biriyani box and caps by maintaining world class quality and hygienic standards.


Plates are largest selling product from Greenlife palm products. Plates have high demand as it has broader purposes ranging from home kitchen to travel. Greenlife produces natural plates in varying sizes and shapes. The product range include shapes like oval, round, square and round shallow along with square and round partitioned. The sizes of plates varies from 6” to 14”


Bowls are another attractive and useful product from Greenlife palm products. They are easily handy and facilitate comfortable serving and consumption. Range of bowls consist of shapes in rectangle, hexagon, round, oval, heart, star, square and round shallow, salad, ice cream and small basin bowl. Rectangle bowls comes in sizes of 5”,6”,8” and 10”. Hexagon bowls are available in 6” and 10” in size. 6” and 8” are the size of both round and oval bowls. Both square and round shallow bowls are 7” and salad bowls are 6” in size. Varying sizes of 2.5”and 5” is the size of both heart and square shaped bowls. Star shaped bowl comes in size of 4” Ice cream cups are available in both 2.5” and 4” in size. Soups and gravy serving bowls are available in 5” in size.

Triangle pizza plate

Pizza is a favorite food among youth. Greenlife palm products manufactures beautiful, natural triangle pizza plate to let everyone devour pizza in nature’s platter.

Biriyani box

Without doubt, biriyani is a favorite food for everyone. When hot biriyani is packed in plastic and paper boxes, it loses it’s taste as well as contact with plastic contaminates the food. To keep biriyani hygienic and tasty, use Greenlife biriyani box.


Greenlife spoons are durable and available as both ice cream and soup spoons


Caps are available as one-size-fits-all variant. It is highly durable, comfy and odorless when compared with caps made using synthetic materials.

Our Team

Inspired by the idea of an initiative to establish and to promote a greener, cleaner and healthier ecosystem, three youngsters from Pampakuda village of Moovatupuzha Taluk of Ernakulam district gave birth to Greenlife Palm Products. Reghu Menon – He worked as a program producer at a major media house in Kerala for fourteen years. He is an independent film maker and passionate nature lover. His love for nature kindled his interest in starting an eco-friendly business. KK Jayakumar – For past 4 years, he has been working as a supervisor at a major construction company based in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He has realized that humans are destroying mother nature for their selfish needs and hunger for profit. He has determined to do something about it and teamed up with Moncy Thomas and Reghu Menon to start Greenlife Palm Products. Moncy Thomas – He has two decade long experience as an independent electrician in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Starting a business that can promote a greener, cleaner and healthier ecosystem was his dream. He strongly believes that their venture can surely bring awareness on nature and boost production as well as usage of eco-friendly products among public.

Our Commitment

We live & breathe our commitments

Environmental Commitments

To reduce human impacts on air, water and soil, our mission to be ‘true to the earth’ is our top priority and we’re actively engaged in and concerned with all steps of production from gathering the materials to bringing our foodware to your party.

Corporate Commitments

It’s not just about getting better at what we do – addressing impacts throughout our supply chain – it’s about striving for the best, creating value for the business and innovating for a better & greener world.

Social Commitments

It is our social responsibility and privilege to help those in parts of the world with fewer resources. Earthens products are made in South Asia, where we have created hundreds of fair-wage jobs.

Personal Commitments

We are responsible to deliver our clients the highest quality biodegradable Palm Leaf Disposables at a good price from an ethical source using sustainable production methods and fair wage labor for the environmentally and socially conscious consumer.